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Nutrition and Strength Training - CKM Sports Management
Nutrition: CKM Sports Management

Nutrition and Strength Training

Helping Hockey Players Reach Their Goals Through Nutrition Programs

CKM evaluates all its clients’ nutritional intake and designs nutrition programs that best influence their strength and conditioning program, therefore maximizing the results gained. CKM designs each program to the request and need of the athlete; therefore if a player needs to put on 20Ibs, CKM will design a program to do that in the most efficient way possible. Conversely if a player is looking to downsize and increase speed or agility, we will work with a program that achieves the desired results. Nutrition directly affects an athlete’s physical capability but also like all people, can have a large influence on mental clarity and emotional state.

CKM promotes vitamin and nutritional boosting to maximize mental clarity and stabilize energy levels. In a game like hockey, mental clarity is paramount; you need to stay sharp for those split seconds decisions which can change the outcome of a game. The implementation of a Nutritional program can improve energy levels, and ensure that players will be at their peak before each game and practice. At a professional level, a simple nutrition program could be the difference between playing 5 to 15 years professionally. The sooner an athlete commits to a program that is designed to maximize their potential, the greater the results they will achieve.

Nutritionist Kari Lyster, B.A., R.H.N, CEO of Mind Natural Balance Nutrition Consulting

Hello! I’m excited to help provide you with guidance on food and nutrition to enhance your performance as an athlete. I’ve been involved in sports (both playing and coaching) throughout my life and have always engaged in an active lifestyle. Not only do I understand the important role nutrition has in sports, but I have also learned about it on a much deeper level. My passion for nutrition began in university, where I became fascinated with how the body breaks down food to get the specific nutrients it needs, including nutrients needed for energy and repair.

I completed my undergraduate degree at Simon Fraser University with a major in Health Sciences, a minor in Kinesiology and an Applied Human Nutrition certificate. I then continued to study food and nutrition by becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I’m looking forward to helping you enhance your life!

Kari Lyster
My Natural Balance- Holistic Nutrition Consulting

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Strength Training

The CKM Fitness department is committed to working towards maximizing an athlete’s potential. Together we set short, mid, and long term goals as you develop through your training program. Each athlete has his or her own customized training program, which is followed with precision. We increase your speed, strength, agility, endurance, and power amongst all aspects of your physical and mental performance. During the off-season, CKM can provide you with a specialized plan to fine tune problem areas and ensure you start your season feeling strong and healthy.

CKM Sports Management’s Resident Strength & Conditioning Expert – Reggie Bradshaw

RIZE Fitness Logo

After concluding his CFL career, Reggie Bradshaw has focused his energy on his personal training career, has formed his own company- Rize Fitness. He has gained experience as a specialist in just about everything including Tae Kwon Do, Crossfit, Olympic Weightlifting, Poliquin Biosignature Practitioner Levels 1+ 2, TRX, AGATSU, and more. He works with amateur and professional athletes of many different types of sports as well as olympic athletes.

 “At Rize Fitness we believe in achieving results through structural balance and hard work. We help our clients improve physical strength, mental wellbeing as well as assisting them to attain their aesthetic goals. Because every individual is unique and has specific goals we do not offer cookie-cutter programs. Instead, we create specialized programs that are tailored to each client and offer nutritional and dietary suggestions to help them achieve the best results possible. We focus on strength conditioning, aesthetics bodybuilding, calisthenics & functional fitness.”

– Reggie Bradshaw

Reggie Bradshaw

Set Your Goals and Start Working Towards them