My goal is to provide client’s with an unmatched combination of service, acuity and determination that will undoubtedly take them to the next level. As a young man, my dream was to be a professional athlete. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the cut. I excelled in a variety of sports but because I grew up in a very small town it was difficult to gain recognition. However, the real problem (aside from not having professional talent) was that I didn’t have a plan, long or short, in order to take the next step. As a result, I value the opportunity to advise and to help clients achieve their highest potential on and off the ice.
I’ve always been a stats guy, intrigued by strategy and reading between the lines. However, it’s the combination of skill and intangible qualities that take players to the next level. I guarantee that if you are talented enough, it’s the little things that make the difference.Some of my favorite sports memories include playing hockey in the Calgary Saddledome at age 13 for team North Dakota Select, playing baseball in Australia (1999-2000) as part of Team USA Stars, and playing golf collegiately at North Dakota State University.


After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications from North Dakota State in 2005, I moved to San Diego, CA. A little further down the road I earned a Masters Degree in Sport Management (University of San Francisco, 2013) and won the Academic Achievement Award for highest GPA. My goals upon entering the masters program were to #1 finish at the top of my class, and #2 become a difference maker in the player personnel field. I’ve accomplished one goal and will spend the rest of my career working to accomplish the other. At the start of 2015, I will be based in Los Angeles serving Southern California and Southwest USA on behalf of CKM Sports Management.USF Logo

Along the way I:

  • Met my wife in San Diego.
  • Worked on behalf of celebrity athletes – Drew Brees, Tony Gwynn, Stephen Strasburg, Phillip Rivers, etc. – promoting and managing various charitable events.
  • Was part of the LA Kings Fan Development Department.
  • Became a valuable leader at University of San Diego Campus Recreation.

“90% of hockey is mental, the other half is physical.” – The Great One